terms of use


1. It is forbidden to enter sauna hungry or with full stomach.
2.Before entering sauna wash and dry your body. All applied cosmetics hinder perspiration. Take off any jewellery.
3.Use sauna in the nude, cover only with a towel.
4. Start a session on benches wich are the lowest. Lie on a bench so that your body is on the same level. Position should be comfortable, providing relax. After a couple of minutes change a bench for the one which is higher and the heat is more intense. A sauna bath sould not last longer than 30-40 minutes, three times in a row with 12-15 minutes breaks and 6-12 minutes breaks for cold bath. 
5. When changing position, sit for 1-2 minutus to prevent sudden outflow of blood from the brain (which can result in fainting).
6. Take a shower with hot and cold water alternately, starting from feet to head. It improves circulation and boosts the immune system.
7. Drink water to compensate shortage of minerals lost in the process of perspiration.
8. To hyperaemia your skin, use birch brooms to lightly hit the body.
9. Avoid loud conversations and laughs to maintain atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.
10. After leaving sauna it is advisible to lie down and rest for 15 minutes.

Dry Sauna

ADVANTAGES: - Loosens, relaxes and relieves muscle tension
- Cleanses the body of toxins
- Stimulates the immune system
- Cleanses the skin


The temperature in the steam sauna is 45-60 °C, but the air is highly humid (even up to 100%) which makes the temperature seem even higher. Lower temperature allows to stay longer in the steam sauna - up to 15 minutes. Typical session: two 15-minutes cycles or three 10-minutes cycles. 

- improves emotional stat
- clears the respiratory tract
- hydrates and regenerates the skin
- cleanses body of harmful substances
- improves stamina and immune system


Sauna infrared is a type of sauna in which traditional stove has been replaced by infrared heaters. They emit infrared radiation which heats the sauna up to 50-60 °C and air humidity level does not exceed 25%. The radiation penetrates the skin to a depth of 4,5cm, warming the body. In the infrared sauna one can stay for 30 minutes.

- increases overall efficiency of the cardiovascular system
- supports weight loss (burns 600-900 kcal)
- fights cellulite
- helps obtaining beautiful and healthy skin
- warms and relaxes the muscles, accelerates their recovery ability


- perfect for people who cannot use tradition sauna because of health problems (protects circulatory system)
- stabilizes high pressure


Indoor pool 
temperature 28°C
depth 118 cm
size 12m x 16,5 m

Outdoor pool is not heated during autumn and winter season.

depth 118cm
size 3m x 9m

Outdoor jaccuzi
temperature 34,7°C

Indoor jaccuzi
temperature 34,7°C